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Frontiers are Gateways

​The MOONSHOT has been by far the fastest and most efficient framework worldwide when it comes to transforming solutions for current challenges into companies, start-ups or spin-offs in the shortest possible time. Why? Because it fuses the potential of up to 150 extremely talented and successful people into a "Quantum Brain" or "Human Super Computer" for 72 hours. The aim of this merger is to make the skills and knowledge of these people selflessly available to an extraordinary project IN ALL ITS FACETS and to equip it with all entrepreneurial trades and requirements. In days instead of years.


In MOONSHOT, theories, visions and structures are not goals, but launchpads. Concrete strategies, business, organizational and sales models, (industrial) designs, technical interfaces, visualizations (...) are being developed and implemented AT THE SAME TIME. This works, among other things, because we bundle an incredibly wide range of knowledge and skills in a sociocratic framework. In combination with a very special process control, incubation, acceleration, transformation and ongoing networking can be superimposed. Espec "implementation component", among other improvements, makes the MOONSHOT is the next evolution of Moonshot Thinking.

​Action and logic instead of blah blah 
Ready for market in 72 hours

​You apply with a REALLY groundbreaking solution, get into the first funnel, then into the pre-selection and finally the final selection. Immediately before the MOONSHOT, you pitch in front of an audience of experts and guests who vote for the winning project. If they vote for you, you are in.

Up to 150 real experts, who take on specific roles, will make your agenda theirs for three days. And actively help you build your company. In a way that suits you and performing in the most efficient, sustainable and profitable way. And, yes: the MOONSHOT will take you to the limit of your resilience, but there is also good news: Nowhere else will you reach your goal so quickly and thoroughly.

How do win the MOONSHOT?
What awaits you then?


  • Vision and Mission

  • Big Picture

  • Product/Servicedesign

  • Business model

  • MVP, project-dependent

Corporate culture

  • Innovation strategy

  • Organization chart / Matrix

  • SDG & CSR concept

  • Workplace concept


  • Financial evaluation

  • Financing options

  • Strategic Partner

  • Funding strategy

  • Crowdfunding campaign, project-dependent


  • Market analysis

  • Target groups

  • Touchpoints

  • Benchmarks

  • SWOT

Sales & Distribution

  • Sales- and distribution concept

  • Online- and Offline-Strategy

  • Growth scenarios

  • Rollout-Strategy

  • Customer-Service-Concept

  • Identification of critical points regarding GTC

Corporate structure

  • Type of corporation and contract draft

  • Business plan

  • Financial plan

  • IP-Strategy


  • One Pager

  • Executive Summary

  • Pitch deck

  • Choreography

  • Pitch training


  • Name, Brand, Claim, CD

  • Visual basics

  • UX design

  • Responsive website

  • Social Media Channels

  • Why-Video, project-dependent

  • Printed or online-Brochure 

Marketing & PR

  • Customer journey

  • Go-to-market-model

  • Social media strategy

  • SEO and SEM

  • Kick-off campaign

Team building

  • Founders team

  • Missing competences

  • Developing partner

  • Network of service providers

  • HR basic concept


  • Digital transformation, Mapping of vision

  • Hackathon, project dependent

Road mapping

  • Objectives and key results

  • Critical Paths

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