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Facts and Figures

Start up

2018  | Congress of global market leaders

Schönbrunn Palace Vienna

3 finalists ...

The three top ideas in the final pitch:

Peter Schön with his ecological dry toilet system

Auxilio Home with its smart assistance systems for older people

Vertical Farm Institute with their solution for food production in urban areas

It was a close race.

... but only one team can enter MOONSHOT.

Daniel and Emile prevailed in the final pitch. What came next was probably the hardest ride of their lives up to then - together with 100 experts from all fields a company was built that has what it takes to become a global market leader.

Proud and happy!

We have built a company around the skills and passions of Daniel and Emile in such a way that it meets their requirements, not the other way around.


The two really deserved our sympathy and our commitment - they were focused, tough, disciplined and cooperative. It was an honor and a pleasure to work with them.

We built cropify for and with Emile and Daniel. As a gift for them. And for the world.

​Alexander Pointner
Andreas Greilhuber
Andreas Humer
Andreas Wildhack
Benno Flotzinger
Bianca Perfahl
Christiane Bausback
Christiane Wolf
Christoph Hillinger
Dejan Stojanovic
Dimitrij Nosko
Elvira Pöschko
Emanuel Bröderbauer
Florentine Fellner
Florian Kandler
Folkmar Alzner
Gabriele Einsiedler
Georg Oppitz
Gerald Gabl
Gerhard Glauninger
Gerhard Hofer
Karina Strictly
Karl Sallaberger
Katharina Kloiber
Kilian Kleinschmidt
Lukas Erhardt
Lukas Linemayr
Lukas Unger
Manfred Ergott
Markus Trittenwein
Martin Drexler
Michael Herzer
Michael Horak
Michael Vaclav
Mike Knoll
Nikolaus Dürk
Nina Kaiser
Oliver Wichtl
Oliver Zehner
Pavel Komar
Petra-Maria Wiltschko
Philipp Emmert
Philipp Lauthner
Rainer Rienmüller
Rainer Wimmer
Raphael Schneeberger
Reiner Thalacker
Sabine Sauber
Sandra Stromberger
Stefan Böck
Stefan Traxler
Stephanie von Rüden
Thomas Kasper
Thomas Staffenberger
Timo Marshal
Walter Swoboda


Brilliant minds

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