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The Econaut team is the center around which the MOONSHOT universe revolves. The full potential of your solution will be discovered, developed and brought to market in 72 hours by all experts who fill the roles presented above.

You want your solution to have an impact? Apply here!


As a maker, you transform the strategic and visionary outcome into something tangible and usable. You do what you always do as a service provider, but you do it much fa

Explorers are executives and decision-makers from successful companies who want to get to know high-performance structures. At the MOONSHOT they work fully integrated and, like everyone else, bring their full potential to bear.


The MOONSHOT compresses development, time and performance to an unprecedented extent. Connectors intuitively understand which external contacts (investors, B2B, crowd) have to be established and can also take care of these connections immediately.



Helping hands play a major role at every MOONSHOT. We are aware of this and we greatly appreciate the work of volunteers. We are looking for people who already know a lot and want to learn even more.


We are looking for Mission Controllers who support the overall progress of MOONSHOT in a focused and smooth manner. Please, bring strong nerves and stress resistance. ;-) 

As a scout & inspirator, you design the big picture together with the makers. You make sure our journey quickly leads to success and impact. Crossover work -  don't forget your address book!


The MOONSHOT delivers results that are based on the truth of numbers, data and facts. The research required for this is extremely complex. We are looking for skilled researchers who can find and verify information.  Remember:  Everything has to be ready in only 72 hours. 




The MOONSHOT is the fastest of all frameworks when it comes to creating solutions for current challenges. It transforms ideas and scientific discoveries into companies, start-ups or spin-offs in the shortest possible time. If you want to contribute with your knowledge, your skills and your do-it-yourself qualities and want to network effectively and efficiently, you are welcome to be part.

What's your superpower?

Direct advisers to ECONAUT. Ensure that the implementation and design of the winning project does not conflict with the interests or personality of the ECONAUT. 


Affiliate partners who want to benefit from the image and charm of MOONSHOT are very welcome. We understand partnership as a P2P agreement with no ifs or buts.


Whoever, for whatever reason, wants to be identified with the radiance and magnetism of the MOONSHOT: Please contact us. We have extremely attractive packages to offer. Customizations included.


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